PBT halogen free flame retardant

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PRECITE® FR – PBT FR halogen free vs. PBT halogenated

Precision to Detail

Due to the use of e-mobility and higher demands on dimensionally stable components, PBT is becoming increasingly important due to its properties. Autonomous Driving requires sensors, motors, connectors with the highest precision. Due to e-mobility, the requirements for V0 materials are getting even higher. PRECITE® flame retardant fits with well in this market with good mechanical properties and dimensional stability. Compared to halogenated materials, PRECITE® FR, with halogen free flame retardants offers advantages in CTI, density and flowability. 


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Compared to halogenated flame retardant PBT compounds (FR 17), our halogen-free PRECITE® FR-Compounds, show lower density as well as higher CTI. 

For example: 

PRECITE® P3 GF 30 9 FR natural (8053), PRECITE® P3 GF 30 9 FR black (8424)

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Comparing the other technical values of halogenated compounds with our halogen-free compounds, we find that our PRECITE® compounds have a lower density and a higher CTI. Our PRECITE® compounds also stand out for their improved flowability. It has to be pointed out that the mechanical properties remain more to the same level. This can benefit a drop-in. 

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