AKRO-PLASTIC Wins 1st Prize in Enabler Technology

SPE Award 2019


AKRO-PLASTIC wins 1st Price in “Enabler Technology”

The EJOT TSSD® (thermal adhesive bonding boss) product and corresponding joining process have been developed with the objective to join components of which one is made of fibre-reinforced plastics. The process is suitable for sandwich elements with honeycomb and foam core structures (having different top coats) as well as for CRP and GRP plastic materials. During the joining process the plastic boss (made of thermoplastic) is installed into the plastic component with a certain rotation speed and axial load. 

EJOT uses AKROLOY® PA K17 FR black (5762) for the plastic boss. The material is certified according to CS/FAR Part 25 §285.853a and listed at AIRBUS.


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About the SPE Automotive Award

The Automotive Division Award, the SPE Central Europe, section of the Society of Plastics Engineers Inc., has been issuing every six months since 1992, is supported by well-known companies in the plastics industry, this year by A. Schulman / LyondellBasell, AKRO-PLASTIC, DSM Engineering Plastics, EMSChemie, Grafe Advanced Polymers and KraussMaffei Technologies.

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