Colorful Full Shell Seats for Bus and Train

Full shell seat

New Colors for the Full Shell Seat Pino from Vogelsitze

It gets colorful in bus and train

Vogelsitze GmbH, a medium-sized company based in Karlsruhe and an expert for the right seating in buses and trains, offers a seat shell made entirely of plastics for the tram and bus sector called Pino. One special feature is particularly remarkable.

With the introduction of EN 45545-2 in Europe, all manufacturers operating in the public transportation sector will have to thoroughly rethink their approach. EN 45545-2 regulates the requirements for the fire behavior of materials in rail vehicles. Many of the materials previously used in this segment no longer meet these new requirements – either partially or fully. In cooperation with AKRO-PLASTIC as well as the sister company K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co.KG, Vogelsitze GmbH developed a new concept to make their seats fit for the EN 45545-2 and thus fit for the future. One of the most important requirements was that the existing injection moulding tools could continue to be used without alteration. It was also important that the production in other areas did not have to be adapted. Here, the bus seat sector is particularly worth mentioning. For these reasons, grades optimised for the respective components were thoroughly tested and finally approved.

Special attention was paid to the add-on parts such as armrests or handles. These are subject to heavy use in everyday life and therefore had to be designed to be particularly robust. When selecting the material, special attention was paid to high values of toughness, rigidity and strength. Due to the fact that most of the parts are visible for customers there were high requirements on surface quality of each part. Since customers want to individualize their rolling stock no restrictions in coloration were a key feature, as well.

With AKROMID® B3 1 FR natural (6437) as well as AKROMID® B3 GF 25 FRT natural (6910), AKRO-PLASTIC offers two compounds with exactly the right propertyprofile to meet these increased requirements, be suitable for the special component groups and, additionally, have the required fire certificates according to EN 45545-2 R21/22/24. 

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Full shell seat in various color combinations

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Full shell seat with cushion and back padding

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Full shell seat with cushion pad and without trimmed pad

The seat shell in particular is a challenge due to the required material certification according to EN 45545-2 R6 HL2. The shell is manufactured in one shot with gas injection technology. This process offers a significant weight reduction while maintaining the same mechanical values. Vogelsitze GmbH thus offers real added value for its customers. With AKROMID® C28 GF 25 FRT natural (7332), AKRO-PLASTIC delivers a material, which shows the necessary mechanical values, as well as the high requirements on fire protection and surface quality.


AKRO-PLASTIC already takes care of the desired coloring of the material during the production process and thus delivers a compound, which is individually colored according to the customer's specifications.

As a result, the seat Pino from Vogelsitze GmbH is the first commercially available full shell seat made of thermoplastic material, which is available in different colors and at the same time meets the requirements according to EN 45545-2.

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