Dimensionally Stable at High Temperatures

Engine cover

New generation engine cover for high-performance engines

New Generation Engine Cover

AUDI AG uses a newly developed plastic compound for covers of the new engine generation, which are subject to high continuous operating temperatures. The company AKRO-PLASTIC has developed the material in cooperation with Audi’s quality management.

The AKROMID® C28 GFM 10/20 5 XTC black (7367), a blend of PA 66/PA 6 with 10 % glass, 20 % mineral and an extra high heat stabilisation, will be used in future under the hood of powerful Audi models. In addition to excellent temperature resistance, the components made of the new material have a very high surface quality and low warpage, combined with high dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. 

The material also features high flowability and can be processed using hot runners and cascade control with standard polyamide parameters. The used XTC stabilisation forms a shielding protective layer on the component surface and prevents the penetration of oxygen. In this way, oxidation of the polyamide is largely prevented and the component properties are retained even under the influence of temperature.

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With the ICX®-Technology used worldwide by AKRO-PLASTIC, the compound is subject to only very slight batch fluctuations and can be easily processed by various injection moulders and different moulds.

Thanks to its composition, the compound can be easily recycled and prepared and reused for other branches of industry. Thus AKRO-PLASTIC makes a contribution to reduce the consumption of valuable raw materials.


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