Carbon fiber-reinforced compounds for injection molding


Carbon fiber-reinforced compounds for injection molding of e-bike frames using WIT-Technology

Rethinking e-bikes

The e-bike revolutionizes individual transport and takes bicycles to a new level in leisure activities. The technical progress achieved through electrification adds to the complexity of bicycles. Powerful e-motors and long-life battery systems are constantly increasing the technical requirements for bicycle frames. Based on the principle of form-follows-function, plastics are the ideal materials for combining drive technology with attractive design.

V-Frames GmbH explores new ways to produce bicycle frames economically and sustainably with carbon fiber reinforced plastics. In cooperation with Plastic Innovation GmbH they create function-integrated and injection-moldable designs. With the ISOCO Carbon Ecobike1, V-Frames presents the first fully functional demonstrator as an e-bike (VELOSION:E) with a particularly sophisticated design. The frame is manufactured fully automatically using the WIT process (water injection technology) with a cycle time of 90 seconds. 

V-Frames and AKRO-PLASTIC developed a carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide compound AKROLOY® PA CF VFrame specially optimized for the application and processing method. In combination with the tubular geometry ratio achieved with the WIT channels, the most effective stiffness-to-weight ratio is achieved. Using optimized materials and a process-compatible design the frame surpasses the performance of conventional welded counterparts. The safety of the frame has been confirmed by independent testing in accordance with standards.

With this demanding application, V-Frames demonstrates the feasibility of their concept. They currently develop solutions for frame applications with their customers, extending beyond the bicycle sector. By using recyclable materials and local production, V-Frames meets the requirements of sustainable products.

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