Carrying arms for clothes dryers

Clothes dryer

Metal Substitution and Weight Reduction

True everyday heroes - carrying arms for clothes dryers

The company JUWEL made it to their mission to produce high quality products for garden and household. Their product range of clothes driers extend from small driers up to big rotary colthes driers.

Driving down costs and reducing weight has been a critical objective for household applications. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to substitute metal with plastic.

AKRO-PLASTIC produces a 50% glass fibre reinforced, semi-aromatic polyamide blend with very high stiffness and strength, even in conditioned state. These products typically aim for metal replacement applications.

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JUWEL uses the material AKROLOY® PA GF 50 natural (2916) after intensive tests for the support arms and functional parts of the Swing, Twist and Samba clothing dryers instead of using aluminum profiles.

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The desired load-bearing strength and long-term use are still fully met, the type Swing 200 has also been successfully GS-TUEV certified.


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