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Swiss precision thanks to highly reinforced semi-aromatic polyamide by AKRO-PLASTIC


Svismold, one of the leading specialists in precision injection moulding, has been developing and producing a wide range of measuring equipment for over 40 years. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, Svismold can look back on decades of successful replacement of metal with plastic.

In cooperation with AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, a plastic compound was developed for the DIALMAX® clock calliper area, which completely eliminates the use of metallic materials (hardened tool steel). Both the measuring unit and the measuring rod with length specification are made from AKROLOY® PA GF 60 black (6418). Compared to the previously used metal, the use of plastic results in a weight reduction and an excellent surface quality for the hot stamping of lettering, advertisements etc.

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The clock callipers are assembled by people with disabilities in one of the protected Swiss workshops.  

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