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Complex geometry and dimensional stability

Air Vents for BMW Mini Countryman Realised With AKROMID® B3 GF 30 1

Fresh Air in Any Terrain

A success story continues. After the plastics processor Novares Löhne and Hamburg-based plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG developed the optimum material for the slats of the air vents in Scania trucks, this material is currently also being used in series production of the BMW Mini Countryman.

Complex Geometry and Dimensional Stability Pose a Challenge

The two-part centre slat initially posed a challenge, as the dimensional stability during latching was particularly important here. “The necessary and elaborate latching geometry must not cause any sink marks on the visible side. In order to achieve a reliable and comfortable function in the vehicle, tight tolerances must be maintained, as must the stiffness requirements of the vehicle manufacturer,” says Christoph Gerling, Business Development Manager at K.D. Feddersen.

AKROMID® B3 GF 30 1, the heat-stabilised polyamide 6 compound reinforced with 30% glass fibre manufactured by AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, was able to meet all of these demands. The high batch consistency and the associated consistent quality of AKROMID® allow cost-efficient production and flawless function in complex modules.

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Air vents of the BMW Mini Countryman with slats of AKROMID® B3 GF 30 1

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