Floor cleaner

Floor cleaners with AKRO-PLASTIC compounds

Floor cleaners with AKRO-PLASTIC compounds

Wipe and go - high-tech in the household

Due to their many advantages, electric floor cleaners are currently conquering the hearts of many users and the market. Not only are they by far superior to the old-fashioned floor cloth due to their comfortable handling. The ability to vacuum and mop at the same time, without the need for wet hands, makes floor cleaning fast and efficient.
In this segment, users expect a lot from the devices. In addition to impeccable function even in difficult areas of use, they also require a long living and aesthetically pleasing appliance.

To meet all these demands, manufacturers are constantly looking for new, better technical material solutions. This is also the case with a well-known German manufacturer.
For their future top model, the gearbox was not to be made of PP GF 30 as before. A new material was sought which is less susceptible to warpage, can be manufactured in narrow tolerances and, on top of that, offers a flawless surface quality since part of the housing is visible from the outside. Due to the field of application, a high chemical resistance was also necessary.

The plastics experts at AKRO-PLASTIC held several technical discussions with the project managers. Based on these discussions, a list of requirements for this material was drafted. As a result, the material PRECITE® P3 GF 30 black (6924) was recommended. This PBT-based material combines all the required properties such as dimensional stability, very good surface, resistance to chemicals and high toughness. In addition, it is very easy to process. Initial tests with the responsible injection moulder confirm the excellent suitability of the product.

Another decisive factor for internationally active customer was that AKRO-PLASTIC, with its production facilities in Germany, Brazil and China, can guarantee consistent product quality, regardless of the plant from which the compound is delivered. The in-house ICX technology is used for this purpose. This ensures a controlled harmonisation of the processing parameters and processes, as well as the raw materials used.


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